Coil Cleaning


Evaporator coils play a critical role in your production processes

Dirty, inefficient coils can impact important goals such as:

  • Food safety
  • Operating costs
  • Energy efficiency



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Trinity’s CoilShine technology can help you achieve lower operating costs and improved performance based on the following features.

  • Easy to setup and use pressure washing system
  • Non-corrosive
  • Low water requirement
  • Will not bend fins
  • Deep cleaning into surfaces to restore efficiency

Take the hassle out of coil maintenance.

The CoilShine cleaning process takes the hassle out of coil maintenance. You can have a certified team of Trinity service technicians perform the coil cleaning for you. These technicians are trained to clean any type of coil.

Trinity’s four-step process.

Trinity uses a four-step process to help our customers obtain their goals for cleaner and more efficient coils. The process includes:

  • Application of coil cleaner
  • Rinsing of coil cleaner
  • Application of biostat to inhibit micro-bio growth
  • Insertion of condenser drain pan tablet (non-food plants only)


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