Cooling Tower Cleaning

Cooling Tower Cleaning and Disinfection Process.

Trinity’s cleaning and disinfection is done in four phases.


Phase 1: Pre-Disinfection.

We begin the cleaning and disinfection process by adding a biocide to elevate the chlorine level to OSHA standards. We then add a bio-dispersant to increase the effectiveness of the biocide. This procedure is done to disperse the micro-bio and as a health and safety precaution for our employees entering the cooling tower.

Phase 2: Mechanical Cleaning of the Cooling Tower.

The customer will assist Trinity in isolating and draining each cell of the cooling tower.

Once the system is locked-out, we will begin the actual cleaning process. Trinity will use high-pressure power washers to clean the entire tower, internally and externally. This phase is done to remove as much of the micro-bio and debris as possible, without the risk of damaging equipment, and have it collect in the tower basin. We will then bag up the remaining debris for your disposal into the trash.

Phase 3: Final Disinfection.

Once the tower cell is refilled, we will repeat Phase 1. The customer is then responsible to restore their water treatment program to the cooling tower. If this procedure is not completed, the system has the potential for flash corrosion, due to the use of an oxidizing biocide.

Phase 4: Documentation.

Trinity will provide detailed documentation of the tower cleaning. This documentation will include the pre-cleaning inspection report, the documentation of the procedures, before and after photos, as well as a customer service report. In addition, we will provide a “Certificate” stating your cooling tower has been cleaned and disinfected according to OSHA recommendations.

Note: Due to some companies processes, oxidizing biocides cannot be added to their systems. We will evaluate each situation as needed.

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