Chiller Cleanings

Chiller Tube Cleanings

The Process

The following process/procedureĀ is used to clean chiller tubes. Any changes due to the customer’s request will be noted. During the cleaning process, all employees will be wearing the required Personal Protective Equipment.

Manual Cleaning of the tubes

  • Customer will assist our technicians in isolation and lock out/tag out of the equipment.
  • Customer will assist in depressurization and removal of end caps to provide un-restricted access to the tube bundle.
  • Trinity will then utilize a Goodway Ram 5 unit to clean each tube. All brushes required for the cleaning will be changed as needed and supplied by Trinity. If any special tube brushing procedures are required by the customer, Trinity will honor all such requests.

Final Washing of Chiller Tubes

  • At the end of each cleaning, all tubes are flushed to insure any additional debris still existing in the tubes is removed. The tube sheets and water box will be pressure washed as well. The entire work area will then be cleaned and operation restored to the offline unit.